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You are very welcome to the 123movies APK review. In this review, we will learn about this application, what is this application and what its main features, can use it without any problem or not and also We will know which devices it supports and at the end there will be a good summary of this entire blog post and we will also answer some frequently asked questions here, so let’s start this blog post.

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What is the 123movies app?

123movies app is a movie streaming application, which provides users with a very simple and convenient entertainment experience. It gives users access to thousands of movies of different genres, giving users plenty of options to choose from, which not only enhances the movie streaming experience but also provides a big-screen experience to movie lovers at home.

Its interface is user-friendly and the app offers a huge repository of movies to the users, eliminating the hassle of users searching for movies on different platforms. You can watch many other blockbuster movies ranging from action, thriller and romance here.


Features of 123movies app

123movies app offers various features that enhance the movie streaming experience and provide users with countless entertainment options:

  • Wide selection of movies and genres available: The app offers a huge collection of movies from different genres, ranging from the latest releases to evergreen classics. This app has something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for comedy, drama or thriller.
  • HD Streaming Quality for an immersive experience: The app allows the user to watch movies online in high quality. This feature allows the user to enjoy the movie’s outstanding audio quality and crisp visuals. This app makes the user feel as if he is in the middle of the movie by bringing every scene to life.
  • User-Friendly Search and Filter Options for Easy Movie Browsing: The app provides search and filter options for the user to search for the movies of their choice and select various options to watch the movie as per their choice.
  • Seamless streaming across multiple devices anytime and anywhere: The app allows users to stream movies across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. An important feature in this is that after watching the movie, you can do any work of yours and then you can watch it back from where you left the movie.
  • Watchlist creation feature: In this app, you can create your own watchlist of movies. With this feature users can curate their own collection and have easy access to their favourite movies, thus preventing the user from searching again and again. is not required. Many such technologies have been used in this app, like if you are searching many movies on this app, then this app suggests many such movies to you. Which solves all the problems of choosing a movie.
  • Navigating the homepage of the app: On launching this app, you get to see an attractive and intuitive homepage design which helps users a lot in accessing their favourite movies. On the home page, users can find the latest released movies and Web series are easily accessible allowing users to be the first to watch all the movies and web series. Additionally, the app also displays popular genres, making it convenient for users to watch movies based on their favourite genres.
  • HD Streaming Quality: Movies are available on this app in high HD quality, which makes the users enjoy watching movies and their movie-watching experience becomes more enhanced. The application showcases films and online series that boast impressive visuals and outstanding sound design. Even if you do not have a high-quality HD smartphone, you can still enjoy movies here because this app allows streaming of movies for every type of device so that every type of user can enjoy movies here.
  • Subtitle Options and Language Preferences: On this app, you can watch movies and web series in many languages like English, Hindi, German, Chinese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and many more languages in which you can watch movies. If any movie or web series is not available in your language, then you are also given the option of subtitles so that you can watch all the movies and web series of your choice here without any interruption or problem.
  • Watching and downloading movies offline: Users who have limited internet and cannot watch movies online, then they also have the option to watch movies offline, that is, they can directly download movies here in high quality. After that, you can also watch them on your Android device. All categories of users can effortlessly enjoy watching movies and TV shows in this manner.

Therefore, you will get to see many such facilities here using which you will take your movie experience to a different level and will be able to enjoy the movies even more.

Name123movies App
File Size19.0 MB
Requirement4.4 and up
DeveloperDon’t know
Current Versionv9.0

How to download and install the 123movies app

Follow the instructions given below to download and install this app:

First of all, to download this app, you will need to find a reliable source or you can go to its official website and download this app from there. To download, you will see the download option on any source. You have to click on it. After clicking, this app will start downloading.

After the download is complete, now to install it, open the file manager app in your Android device, then search for this app. You must click on it once you’ve located it. As soon as you click on it, it will start installing. After installation, you can open it and enjoy Dero movies and web series here.

Does the 123movies app support different operating systems?

Yes, the 123movies app supports different operating systems i.e. you can use this app with both iOS and Android devices along with this you can enjoy your favourite movies on tablets. Additionally, the app also supports streaming on smart TVs and can be accessed through popular streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV. So here you can enjoy this application on all devices ranging from Android, iOS and Smart TV.

Is it legal to download 123movies APK?

No, downloading this APK is not legal at all because it does not obey the copyright law of any country. That is, it violates the copyright laws of all countries. By doing this, the original owners of these movies and TV shows suffer a huge loss because, after a few hours or days of the movie’s release, it comes on such apps and websites which makes all the Users watch and download those movies for free.

By doing this, many movies have suffered huge losses, hence all these types of apps are completely illegal. It is imperative to exercise caution when using such apps due to the potential risks involved. There is also a possibility of viruses getting into your mobile while downloading.


In this entire article, we have tried to learn many things about the 123movies app and we have told you what are the main features of this application, how to download and install this app, we have told you about it. We have also told you in complete detail which devices this app supports and whether this app is illegal.

We have also tried to understand you properly about this, that is, we have given you information about this app. Everything from small to big things has been explained here so that you will get complete knowledge about this application and after reading it you will be able to know everything about this application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the 123movies app free to download and use?

Yes, the app is free to download, and users can use it for free and enjoy a lot of movies and TV shows here for free.

Can I download movies from the 123movies app to watch offline?

Yes, the app allows users to download movies for offline viewing. But the downloaded movies are on this app only

Is the 123movies app legal?

No, this app is a completely illegal app because it does not follow the copyright law of any country and uploads movies from all countries illegally here without any license.


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